Resolute Fortitude

Resolute Fortitude is a project by me, Kyle Smith, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. What is the music like? Imagine Rage Against The Machine, KRS One, Skrillex and Bob Marley having a jam session.

I come from a history in Rock, Hardcore Punk and Hip Hop and a student of various music styles and instruments. I’ve held various roles in music projects since childhood. Singing, screaming, guitar, bass, drums, DJing, mixing and mastering music, Lyricist.

I sang for Cleveland Hardcore band L.I.G.H.T. We played concerts with bands like Texas is the Reason, Converge, Hot Water Music, Ascension, Chalkline, Albino, and Zao. As DJ Wild Kyle, I focused on Turntablism, DJ battles, Hip Hop concerts, Breakdance battles and clubs. I DJed with Go Live Grizzlies, Dj Know1, Kenny Kim, Manwell, Ginsu, Karma, and at concerts of Ghost Face Killah, Slum Village, and Little Brother.

Resolute Fortitude’s music stems from those experiences, explores new layers and possibilities, always looking for musical stones unturned, and coming from authenticity. It must feel right and come from the heart.

I’ve been honing my crafts of instruments, lyrics, Hip Hop, Rock, recording, mixing and mastering to be able to provide the best pieces of art and expression as hand crafted and original as possible.

Resolute, determined. Fortitude, courage in adversity. No matter any grouping some in society try to place on you or box they may try to place you in, Resolute Fortitude is about following the will to keep doing what you love to do, express yourself how you want and say what you want to say. Positive themes embedded over experimentations with Hip Hop, Hardcore and Electronic music. Listen to this music. Join the email list to get exclusive updates and material before the rest.